Online Sessions


We all start where we are, we all have a different reality and everyone’s vision for their body and life is unique.

This is why my passion is working one- on one with you.

Over the years, I’ve guided people from all backgrounds, of all ages, stages, shapes and sizes, health and fitness levels and abilities.

Your body already knows what to do. I’m there to remind you how to feel and listen to it so you know exactly what it needs to thrive… and how to get there.

After we have our initial 15 min online consultation we can understand your outcome and the best way to use the sessions or how often is best for you to have sessions.

Online sessions are super convenient as you can do from the comfort of your own home from anywhere across the globe. Skype, Zoom, whatever platform works for you. We will confirm this after booking 15 min consultation.

As rebounding is so effective to achieve massive results you need a lot less time than other body treatments and techniques.

From as little as 20 minutes a One On One Session!

Online Sessions can include, but are not limited to:


Strength Training



Body Release and Movement Techniques

Health Rebounding

Speed Healing Techniques



Bio Energetic Bounce Techniques For Specific Areas Of The Body

Fitness Rebounding

Basic Bounce Moves




These Online Group Sessions are fantastic as they enable you to be able to join from anywhere in the world – In the comfort of your own home, raising our frequency together globally!

These are for people who own a rebounder, have rebounded before and would like to join sessions to receive further and regular guidance, inspiration and growth in their rebounding practise.

Times change from week to week and classes range from beginner to advanced.

You simply need a computer with speakers and the program Zoom.

We will send you the link to book and join.


Would you like to know more, have a question?

Please book a consultation to see if this is perfect for you.