Online - 30 Day Program


Be the Doctor and Artist for your own body.
Education for Rebounding, Lymphology and Breath Work.

The 30 day program takes you on a powerful journey where you connect with your body, slowly detoxify and at the same time strengthen and energise every cell in your body. It educates you on how essential rebounding and breathing is for the body to function at its best and for a greater quality of your life. Radically raising your frequency bounce by bounce. Easily and enjoyably creating more pleasure in the body day by day.

It is beneficial for anyone and everyone however it is specifically for people who are ready to devote to taking their health into their own hands and regain ownership of their body, energy and life. Once you start working with your breath and learn the many ways to use your rebounder to improve your entire being you can remember you are your own doctor and an artist for your body’s needs. You will easily know and be able to increase energy, reverse ageing symptoms, detoxify, release pain and tension, and hear what your body needs.

Whether you have rebounded before or never even stepped on one, this month long program will be highly beneficial, the best way to start and achieve maximum profound results.

By receiving private one on one session for the month this allows me to observe your body to tailor and alter each session as we go moment to moment. Insuring you receive what will support you and your body the most.

Practises, Tools and Techniques

These may be used over the 30 days – however not limited too.

Various Breathwork

Pain Relief Lymphology Techniques





Health Rebounding

Speed Healing Lymphology Techniques

Chi Massage

Strength Training


Bio Energetic Bounce

Basic Bounce Moves

Body Release and Movement Techniques


Fitness Rebounding


AND never to be forgotten PLAY and LAUGHTER!

Your Time Commitment

You will need to set aside time to start at 1 minute and then go up 1 minute each day for 30 days.

You also will need to set aside enough time for session on the days and for the duration stated below.

There is a little flexibility if days need to be changed slightly due to schedules and commitments.

30 minute Introduction / Meeting Pre day 1 or day 1
20 minute sessions on DAY 1, 5, 9, 11 = 4 x 20 minute sessions
30 minute sessions on DAY 15, 20, 25 = 3 x 30 minute sessions
45 minute sessions on DAY 30 = 1 x 45 minute sessions

You will also have full support and access to msg or email me during the 30 days.


Our 30 Day Group Program has a similar flow, education and practises to our 30 Day One on One Program – see above

It is not specifically tailored to the individual’s body session to session, however the program is designed to work with the body in a progressive way that allows it to slowly detoxify, while strengthening and oxygenating – creating ultimate results.

As we go through the days we still add and change according to each group.

The sessions are live on Zoom in a group of 5 to10 people. There will be a question and support time at the end of each session.
There will be a specific time to sign in on the appointed days and if you cannot make the live session you will be sent a replay to watch.

This program allows for connection and growth with others and a lower financial investment for those who prefer.

Would you like to know more, have a question?

Please book a consultation to see if this is perfect for you.