Services and Training

Online Rebounding Sessions

Online Rebounding Sessions are super convenient as you can do from the comfort of your own home from anywhere across the globe.

Skype, Zoom, whatever platform works for you.

As rebounding is so effective to achieve massive results you need a lot less time than other body treatments and techniques.

From as little as 20 minutes a Rebounding Session.


We have available:

Online One On One Rebounding Sessions

Online Group Rebounding Sessions

Online 30 Day Rebounding Program

The 30 day program takes you on a powerful journey where you connect with your body, slowly detoxify and at the same time strengthen and energise every cell in your body.

It educates you on how essential rebounding and breathing is for the body to function at its best and for a greater quality of your life.

Radically raising your frequency bounce by bounce.

Easily and enjoyably creating more pleasure in the body day by day.

Skype, Zoom, whatever platform works for you.


We have available:

Online One On One 30 Day Rebounding Program

Online Group 30 Day Rebounding Program

On Location / Sunshine Coast

I can come to your home, office, work or a suitable outdoor location.

This is great for convenience or if you have special needs where you will physically need me there to support you.

It is also an option where you don’t need your own rebounder as I bring them for you.

If you prefer you can also come to my home for sessions.

Aromatouch Massage

This special combination of doTERRA essential oils, the AromaTouch massage therapy technique, and aromatherapy contributes to a relaxed yet focused mind.

45 Minute appointment. $85 you come to me $110 I come to you.