About Rebounding

“Our Bodies can heal themselves – they are designed perfectly according to nature”
Rebounding works with us to restore our health and energy, endless energy like when you were a child. The rebounder is an instrument to help us reconnect our mind and body. It allows us to truly purify, release and reset.

Rebounding is a natural and essential vertical movement for us to achieve maximum energy and health. We experienced this movement from the beginning in the womb. As babies we are then naturally rocked and bounced. As children we then continued this vertical movement skipping and jumping all over the place. Its our natural instinct and our body needs it to thrive.

To reach your maximum potential with minimum effort you must have the true experience with rebounding. To have the true experience you need to have the right approach and attitude. To have the right approach and attitude you need to receive quality education and have a quality rebounder.

Its not a fad, its not just another exercise or routine it’s a vital part of our life to have as part of us forever.

You can live the life you dream. Ultimate health! No limits!

Rebounder or Lymphasizer

A Rebounder or Lymphasizer is a professional instrument that looks like a mini – trampoline however, it is not.

It has specific technical characteristics used for health and well-being.

All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level.” – Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, MD.The Textbook on Medical Physiology

Rebounding is revolutionary body work technology that supports us to reach our maximum cellular potential. It is a movement and treatment for your body, a physical activity that benefits your health, fitness and overall wellbeing.

Cellular fitness must become our number one concern for health. Our body is one massive community of over 50 trillion cells making up everything from our skin and muscles, to our organs and our eyes. So it makes no sense to focus our efforts on just one particular part of the body such as our muscles, when rebounding offers a complete cellular exercise.

Everyday more and more high end health professionals are recognising the many benefits and instant results of rebounding.

A few of the growth areas for its use in the medical industry are for osteoporosis, vision therapy, preventative therapy, rehabilitation after injury, diabetes, cancer, autism therapy, learning disabilities and depression.

People also working with body posture, balance, strength and endurance are all seeing the benefits of this movement.

Miracle Exercise

Many have referred to rebounding as ‘a miracle exercise’ and ‘the exercise of the future.’ It’s not surprising as it positively impacts every single cell in your body with no negative impact or stress on the body.

Many exercises can be exhausting and damage the body. Rebounding oxygenates the entire body. Not only are you getting fitness benefits, you’re speeding up your lymphatics which remove all the rubbish. Even if you’re working on a specific area, you are still working on the entire body – muscles, organs, skeletal. Name one other movement that does that!

Rebounding is a suitable (and highly recommended) exercise for all ages and abilities and you only need spend as little as 10 minutes a day. Surprisingly (and unlike most exercise) you actually gain more energy and are in breathe more at ten minutes of rebounding than you are in the first minute, so most people want to keep moving!

As rebounding also releases blockages, it can have a profound effect on all areas of your life. Any dis- ease in the body is simply a lack of oxygen to our cells. When we release stress and blockages we regain our health, power and energy.

It’s so convenient you can do it in your work place or at home. It seems too simple to be true and people don’t believe it at first, but once you try it and feel the results, it will become an essential and enjoyable part of your life.

A Lost Art

Due to an influx onto the market of cheap trampolines and the belief that you just have to jump up and down to gain the benefit, the true art of rebounding has been somewhat hidden from the mainstream.

Quality training and education on a professional rebounder is essential to gain maximum benefit.

There is an art to rebounding and it’s a process that is easy and fun to learn. Along the way, you will remember how to listen to your body and you become the artist for your treatment.

Energy and Power

Rebounding is a simple and easy way for everyone to regain their health, strength and vitality.

What could be more important than our energy? Not just energy as in not feeling tired, but energy flowing through our bodies, unblocked and free.

Our society has been lead to believe that getting tired, sick, and ageing is all a part of life. We have the power to take charge of our own bodies once again and bring them back to life!

The ‘no pain no gain’ mentality is getting us nowhere. It’s time to go to the next level with our bodies and connect back to our divine inner power. When we are stiff and tight we are contracted and blocking oxygen to the cells.

We feel tired and in pain. Our bodies are in dis-ease.

When we focus on our breath, our whole life will change.

Inside Out

We need to do more of what makes us feel good inside – in our bodies – not just what looks good on the outside.

Rebounding strengthens and benefits the entire body inside and out from our skin to our muscles, our bones, organs, even our eyes.

Rebounding triggers the release of Serotonin (the happy hormone) helping to relieve stress and bring a smile to your face. It has also been documented as the best exercise for anti-aging and longevity, so you can actually feel good and look great… from the inside out!

Our outer world is a mirror of our inner world.

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