Rebounding in Schools

Kids Rebounding

My passion is to see rebounding classes in every school!

This simple, fun and effective form of exercise brings benefits on so many levels to children, teachers and the whole school community.

Almost every school has sports as a class as the education system recognises the importance of movement and exercise in the growth and development of children of all ages.

Rebounding offers a fun, easy way for children to develop balance, focus, rhythm, agility and coordination – It works on a cellular level to strengthen every organ and muscle naturally.

A gentle form of exercise, that is quick to learn means anyone can participate regardless of their fitness, weight or level of ability.

Students with a disability gain enormously from the benefits of rebounding.

And it’s fun!

More than just Exercise

Rebounding in schools would be the ultimate class. One of the gentlest forms of exercise, it oxygenates the entire body, improves overall health and wellbeing and strengthens the immune system, all without causing stress or injuries to the developing child’s body.

As children move through primary to high school, blockages can occur in the body caused by stress, puberty, toxins in food and inactivity. Rebounding also releases blockages that cause stress, provide oxygen to growing organs and is a natural way to detoxify the whole body to restore health and vitality.

Once you release toxins, get oxygen flowing to the cells, brain function improves and children can perform at their best. More focused, happy, healthy children makes for a better environment for the whole school.

If you are a Principal or Physical Education Teacher and would like to consider implementing Rebounding in YOUR School – Book Consultation to discuss your NEEDS.