Mums & Bubs Rebounding

Safe, Natural and Beneficial

Rebounding is a safe, natural and highly beneficial exercise for mothers and babies before, during and after pregnancy. It can keep your body toned, fit and healthy and help you prepare for labour.

Pregnancy is highly demanding on the body. Starting your journey with a strong and healthy body is going to be highly beneficial for your health and baby’s development. It can take time for your body to build up the essential nutrients it needs to prepare for the increased requirements of pregnancy

Rebounding will massively strengthen our entire body inside and out, which is important as your baby grows and puts more demands on different areas.

Having a highly functioning lymphatic system will release toxins, help build a strong vitamin and mineral rich skeletal system to prevent osteoporosis, greatly increase your circulation and support your back.

All for the benefit and wellbeing of you and your bub.

When to Start

The first few weeks of pregnancy are a critical time in a baby’s development. This is when the neural tube that forms your baby’s brain and spinal cord develops. Some obstetricians warn pregnant women to avoid any exercise until the third trimester of their pregnancy. This is understandable when you consider regular exercise such as jogging, high impact aerobics, or weight lifting could be damaging to both baby and mother.

Rebounding however, incorporates gentle bouncing with walking or jogging on the rebounder which can increase circulation to every cell of your body including the placenta, and your growing baby.

Ten Benefits of Pre-Natal Rebounding Exercise

The benefits for you and your baby by even doing as little as 20 minutes per day of this gentle movement and exercise are huge!! Some may feel the obvious benefit is to help reduce the risk of excess weight gain, however there are over 10 more reasons that should inspire you to get health rebounding.

Less nausea, more energy and better sleep

Stronger back, bones and joints

Keeps your legs looking and feeling great

A healthier baby

You will bounce back faster - literally

Reduction in gestational diabetes

Decrease in pelvic floor problems

An easier Labour

Lower risk of heart defects at birth

Improve baby's brain function

After Your Baby is Born

You have given birth to this amazing person (or persons) and you want to make sure you have all the strength and energy you will need for the journey ahead. Right now, you’re focussed on caring for your baby, but remember you need to take care of you as well!

Your body has changed. Things aren’t quite the same as they were. You’re a mother! Sometimes it can feel like your whole world has changed. It has! Motherhood will be such an important role you and you must remember not to lose ‘you’ in the process of caring for this little soul.

You want to continue to feel energetic, beautiful, vibrant and happy. Rebounding can go a long way in helping you heal the parts of you that have grown and changed. In the safe and enjoyable way, you can heal those varicose veins, reverses bladder incontinence, reduce cellulite and tone and tighten those bits that need toning and tightening!

Not only can you do health rebounding with bub it is also highly recommended too. This is because it supports bubs development and helps builds a super strong immune system. The natural movement of health rebounding stimulates life inside the womb. When your baby cries what do you do? You bounce, rock or jiggle them up and down. It’s your natural instinct – you know what will soothe them. Rebounding is the closest movement to the calming bounce that both baby and you remember from the womb.

Take care of yourself now and you will be better able to care for and enjoy your baby. It is most important to have a high quality rebounder and know the best and safest way to use it. With proper training, you and your bub will benefit from a gentle, relaxed bounce with proper breathing and look forward to a happy, healthy pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Please book a consultation to discuss what sessions or in home training would best support you and bubs health and vitatlity.

Possibly the whole family’s.