In Home Office Rebounding

“Love, light, truth and integrity are all that can exist in this new world.”

Rebound in YOUR Home Office

The wellbeing and longevity of a company or business comes down to the wellbeing of the leader.

A low-energy, unhealthy leader is a problem for any company.

You set the pace and hold to vibration, it’s your creation.

If you can’t manage your own personal energy and well-being, you can’t be expected to manage the energy and well-being of your company or team. So, what suffers?

Your ability to think clearly, stay focused and make decisions. If your energy is low your family also suffers too as you become tired, disengaged, and stressed.

When we sit for an excessive period of time, our body shuts down at a metabolic level.

When muscles are immobile, our circulation slows and we burn fewer calories. Lack of blood flow means a lower level of performance from the brain being deprived of oxygen.

The risk of heart disease soars too, because enzymes that keep blood fats in check go into hibernation.

Reduce Stress

Rebounding is an excellent way to begin releasing the stress and blockages that have built up and begin to get oxygen flowing through every part of your body.

It is easy to learn, fast, effective and can be done at work or at home.

If you have a rebounder beside your desk it is so easy to spend 5 minutes a few times a day to oxygenate your body and get everything moving again.

Returning to your desk with more energy and focus and mental clarity than at the beginning of the day.

The moment you start gently bouncing up and down, your lymph flow gets activated, the metabolic garbage around the cells start being removed, your respiration enhances, the fat burning enzymes wake up and turn on their engines and you feel the relaxing impulses of your cells and organs being massaged, getting cleaned and rejuvenated.

Your generators are on!

Ten Ways Rebound Exercise Can Help YOU DeStress

By Albert E Carter

Makes YOU feel better

Increases alertness

Helps you sleep more restfully

Rids the body of adrenaline and other hormones

Helps you take time for yourself

Relaxes YOU

Reduces depression

Increased Energy

Encourages a healthier diet

Makes you feel less anxious

Are YOU Wanting to Experience the Wonderful Benefits from Rebounding – in your Home Office?

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