Companies Rebounding

How Healthy is YOUR Workplace?

Are your employees full of energy and vitality?

Do you have a fitness or wellness program in your company?

Does the quality of your employee’s health and happiness matter to you?

Would you like your employees to have more energy and productivity throughout the entire day?

If there was a prize for the healthiest workplace, would you be nominated?

Stress at Work

A busy, stressful working environment leads to tired, unhappy employees.

Some can’t wait to clock off, rush home and open a bottle simply to relieve the stress. This stress causes damage to your cells.

When we rebound, we relieve stress and tension and immediately increase productivity and mental capacity.

Yes, immediately! Imagine the difference that could make in your workplace?

Ten Ways Rebound Exercise Can Help YOU DeStress

By Albert E Carter

Makes YOU feel better

Increases alertness

Helps you sleep more restfully

Rids the body of adrenaline and other hormones

Helps you take time for yourself

Relaxes YOU

Reduces depression

Increased Energy

Encourages a healthier diet

Makes you feel less anxious

Our Rebounding Work Program

A Cellular Health and Fitness Program is one of the best ways to prevent stress and sick days and create a vibrant, happy, healthy and productive work place. By implementing a simple rebounding program for just 10 minutes a day your employees, can release stress and toxins, strengthen their immune system and give their entire body a boost – inside and out.

Rebounding can create a great sense of community and results in a vibrant fresh energy in the workplace. Employees get immediate results and return to their work with increased productivity and mental capacity.

Anyone of any age and any level of fitness can participate and as it’s fun, easy and energising, they’ll look forward to their rebounding breaks, especially when they start to see the benefits in other areas of their life.

Whatever your industry if you are serious about your employees health and vitality please book a consultation and we can discuss organising and implementing a rebounding program into your work place.