Athletes & Fitness Clubs Rebounding

“Today, any fitness or wellbeing program that does not provide guidance towards the integration of mental, physical and psychological functioning, that’s to say, towards the integration of all life processes, is already an obsolete effort and fails to serve for the sustainability of good health, success and wealthier living conditions.”
– Prof. Cristiano Ckris* Verducci

The rebounder is a professional instrument with specific technical characteristics, designed and used for health improvement, wellbeing, therapeutic and psycho-physical preparation training, rehabilitation and fitness.

Rebounding is a whole body movement stimulating and strengthening each cell, organ, muscle and bone all at once without applying extra force and pressure on the joints and without causing fatigue and stress. It boosts respiration, lymphatic circulation and immune functioning in the most effective, direct and correlated way.

People working with body posture, balance strength and endurance such as dancers, sportsmen, gymnasts, athletes can all benefit from the correct application of rebounding in their professions.

Rebounding burns calories 11 times faster than walking, 5 times faster than swimming and 3 times faster than running. It helps reduce injures and body fat whilst increasing endurance, strength and flexibility.

Rebounding will pull trapped proteins out of your body faster and easier than anything else you can do. The secret is endurance.

When rebounding, you don’t lose energy at the bottom of the bounce; you naturally gain strength and endurance, feeling good throughout the entire session without getting tired.

Rebounding works on all the cells of the body and has proven highly beneficial for all sports players and high end athletes.

With a very simple training program you can increase your strength by 26% in only 12 weeks.

If you focus on your body from the inside out you will build a strong and healthy foundation which will lead to more success in whatever sports or training you specialise in.

Dr. Larry Gettman, Ph.D. Research Director, Institute For Aerobics Research 

“The study discovered that a circuit incorporating 30 seconds of running between exercise stations, dramatically improved aerobic endurance 17%, reduced body fat percentages 10.9% to 17.1% in only 12 weeks, and increased strength up to 26% in the same period.” Institute for Aerobics Research Study, “New Super Circuit Program conditions the whole body for endurance, strength and flexibility”.

Whatever you specialise in, rebounding will add great value and take you to the next level.