The 6 Month Personal Energy Transformation Program


This program is NOT for everyone. It has been crafted to support artists,
visionaries, and entrepreneurs dedicated to a new way of living, being and
breathing, devoted to bring forth the highest quality creations and Visions into the world.

Original Creator Program.
6 Month Personal Energy Management Breakthrough Program.

Transform Your Energy & Body.

Benefits from the Original Creator program may include.

Heightened awareness and increased consciousness

Losing excess weight where needed and increasing metabolism

Clearing skin, thickening hair & nails and brightening whites of eyes

Increased concentration, alertness, focus and brain power

Cleaning out old toxic wastes, heavy metals, acids, mucus and decayed cells from your body

Regulating hormones and aiding the healing of your adrenals

Resetting your biorhythms (body clock) and improving sleep habits

Eliminating toxic stored emotions and releasing past trauma

Cleaning out blockages and repairing your bodies energy systems

A deeper connection to yourself and communication with your body

Bringing clarity, passion, inspiration and focus back into your life

What is this program all about?

Original Creator™ NRG aLIVE Program is a 6-month online mentoring program designed to support truth-seekers and visionaries to live in the NOW, be totally aLIVE and bring the Highest Quality Creations into the world.

Everything is either supporting or draining life in your body. From thoughts, environment, food… In this process, we start by observing to release the breath and body to cellular detoxification and purification of the energy-body. Enlivening and allowing pure creative life-force to come through.

This way, whatever “life” you are creating, whether it be artwork or a business, it can be most potent, real and of highest frequency.

We use the principles of observe, release, remember, and rejuvenate while working with the elements.

  • Lymphasizing
  • Observation
  • Mantras
  • Music
  • Writting
  • Breathwork
  • Fasting
  • Conscious Bathing
  • Fire Purification

Of course, you can understand words at the intellectual level however you need to experience it to fully embody it as truth.

On the difference with some offerings, this program mainly focuses on embodiment through the experiential journey rather than making the
intellectual process the central point.

A step-by-step focus every month

How will you learn?

A Tailor-Made Program

You are unique and so is this program. Through the course of 6 months, you will be at a new level of awareness, demystify what drains you, purify and rejuvenate. Increase lifeforce in the body to be here now and direct your energy to contribute to the highest good of all.

Connect from Anywhere with an internet connection

This program is hosted online so you can tune in from anywhere around the globe. Timezones for 1-1 sessions can be catered to match your schedule.

Get Access to Premium Content

Every start of the week, you will receive access to one module via email in a video and/or a downloadable written format on a specific lesson.

Individual Counseling + Group Synergy Sessions

We will also meet on a video online call each week for 60 min. The first two months connect 1-1. After that, you will benefit from intimate group sessions where you create life-changing transformations.

Support & Accountability

Accountability is key when you go through a transformation process. You will get support via email and via our Private Facebook Group to keep you on track with your Vision and share your experience with other participants.

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I can’t thank Marina enough. Her passion and zest for life are infectious. Marina’s vast knowledge of rebounding and the lymphatic system is boundless, which she shares openly with joy.

As a client of Marina’s, I found her to be fully committed, offered exceptional support and encouraged and instructed me with my rebounding, breathing techniques and diet. I always received quick responses to my questions and Marina would send me inspiring and thoughtful messages to check-in to see how I was doing, keeping me on track.

Marina went out of her way to make sure everything worked for me, where I was at, my lifestyle and energy, and tailored a program that was suitable for me.

Marina’s thorough understanding of the lymphatic system and her professionalism and passion are second to none. Her dedication to wellness with a holistic approach was refreshing and welcomed.

I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Jenny Curtis

I am recommending and strongly support this program as a foundation to increased vitality and emotional/mental clarity; which naturally follows the purification process; as I have experienced it myself. Most importantly, I found that the personal coaching Marina provides is encouraging and supporting one to persevere and achieve the goal of a healthier and more enjoyable life.
Maria Heretaki

I have worked with Marina for the last 6 weeks and rebounding has now become my daily habit. I started with 5 minute intervals and over the next 30 days we slowly increased it until I can now do it for 20 minutes, on going. Since working with Marina, I have also moved to the tropics so I can continue my cleansing journey there and leaving a cold climate country behind. If I had not worked with Marina, I would most likely wouldn’t have been able to incorporate the rebounder into my life, and would have fallen off track.Thanks Marina!
I would highly recommend working with Marina for breathwork, rebounding and her work with cleansing & longevity.

Anna Zheng

Practises, Tools and Techniques

These may be used over the 6 Month Original Creator Program – however not limited too.

Various Breathwork





Pain Relief Lymphology Techniques

Bio Energetic Bounce

AND never to be forgotten PLAY and LAUGHTER!

Chi Massage



Water Purification

Fire Purification

Health Rebounding

Strength Training

Body Release and Movement Techniques


Gratitude Practices

Resilience Practices

Energy Management Habits

Fitness Rebounding

Stress Relief Techniques


I am a Certified Lymphologist, Visionary Leader, Mentor, Coach and specialist in Longevity. Not to forget lover of life! Since 2012 I have worked with and studied beside world-class experts in health, well-being and longevity.

I am devoted to supporting Entrepreneurs, visionaries and artists to connect with their body and breath, bringing them to a greater level of awareness, fulfilment, and well-being, shaping a world of limitless creators who build visions from the inside-out aligned for the highest good of Humanity.

However expansive your dream is, it is possible. This is where Knowing yourself, managing your energy and connecting with your body’s super “natural powers, are the essential foundation.

Love Marina Wedge

To secure your spot or get any any questions answered please click below to book your no obligation consultation.