The 5 day In-Home Rejuvenation Retreat


NRG Jump Start.
Personal Energy Management Breakthrough Program.

 A Physical, Mental and Energetic Detox to reset your energy and body.

Your experience is tailored to your own specific requirements. First a 15 minute Introduction session to create a personalised plan. The plan takes into account:

– Your living situation

– Your family situation

– Your work schedule

– Your current level of health

When You Join The Program You Get All This….

3 x One On One 45 Min Online Breathing Sessions

Juice Cleanse – Plan & Recipes

Daily Routines & Checklists

5 Day Bath Detox Guide

Dry Brushing Guide

Chi-Massage Video - To follow every morning

Shopping List With Everything You Need

All Questions Answered Via Email Or Messenger

Salt Flush Guide

Plant Based Eating Guide

Private one on one sessions allows me to observe your body to tailor and alter each session as we go moment to moment. This means that you receive what will support you and your body the most.

Excellent advice. Marina is so knowledgeable. I have learned more from her than all my years of Yoga, Breathe work and classes I have taken. Thank you. Keep up the great work.
Mitchell Kirk Manning

I am recommending and strongly support this program as a foundation to increased vitality and emotional/mental clarity; which naturally follows the purification process; as I have experienced it myself. Most importantly, I found that the personal coaching Marina provides is encouraging and supporting one to persevere and achieve the goal of a healthier and more enjoyable life.
Maria Heretaki

I have worked with Marina for the last 6 weeks and rebounding has now become my daily habit. I started with 5 minute intervals and over the next 30 days we slowly increased it until I can now do it for 20 minutes, on going. Since working with Marina, I have also moved to the tropics so I can continue my cleansing journey there and leaving a cold climate country behind. If I had not worked with Marina, I would most likely wouldn’t have been able to incorporate the rebounder into my life, and would have fallen off track.Thanks Marina!
I would highly recommend working with Marina for breathwork, rebounding and her work with cleansing & longevity.

Anna Zheng

Practises, Tools and Techniques

These may be used over the 5 day NRG Jump Start – however not limited too.

Various Breathwork





AND never to be forgotten PLAY and LAUGHTER!

Chi Massage



Water Purification

Fire Purification

Body Release and Movement Techniques


Gratitude Practices

Resilience Practices

Energy Management Habits

Why Detox And What To Expect

Everything we do, think and surround ourselves with is either wasting or supporting our energy.

If you are wanting to create a high quality sustainable life from your business to your relationships it is essential to put your health first, be aware of and know how to manage your energy.

This physical, mental and energetic detox works with the elements to purify and release at a cellular level giving you the essential foundations to incorporate into your life for complete well-being.

Our bodies naturally detox every day, the body’s natural detoxing processes are a vital and daily function that supports our overall health, however in most lifestyles we are often exposed to a large amount of harmful products, chemicals, foods and stress so it is important to give the body regular breaks and all the elements it needs to release and rejuvenate.

If you are experiencing fatigue, brain fog, digestive problems, acne, skin issues, bad circulation, headaches, bloating, weight gain or other health issues it can be your body letting you know you need a detox now.

Instead of ignoring it why not just do it and give your body the TLC it deserves, and prevent future issues.

By doing a cleanse or detox, you will usually see immediate improvements and benefits. The more often and deeper you go the greater the results.

Heightened awareness and increased consciousness

Losing excess weight where needed and increasing metabolism

Clearing skin, thickening hair & nails and brightening whites of eyes

Increased concentration, alertness, focus and brain power

Cleaning out old toxic wastes, heavy metals, acids, mucus and decayed cells from your body

Regulating hormones and aiding the healing of your adrenals

Resetting your biorhythms (body clock) and improving sleep habits

Eliminating toxic stored emotions and releasing past trauma

Cleaning out blockages and repairing your bodies energy systems

A deeper connection to yourself and communication with your body

Bringing clarity, passion, inspiration and focus back into your life

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