About Marina Wedge

Marina is a Certified Lymphologist, Visionary Leader, Mentor, Coach and specialist in Longevity.  

Her dream is a world free from victim mentality and suffering, all energy to love, fun, beauty and creating. She inspires a new way of being, breathing and living so all can remember their innate supernatural powers, infinite energy, and boundless potential. 

Working with artists, leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs to shape a world of limitless creators who build visions from the inside-out aligned for the highest good of Humanity. 

Marina’s gift lies in pure awareness and using specific modalities to guide the physical body toward pure energy and creative life-force. This experiential process supports her clients to have greater awareness and be alive in the Now where the most potent creations and passion-filled life exist. 

What makes her work truly unique is her insatiable devotion to release limitations and work towards Self Mastery.

In 2012 personal growth became her number one priority. She studied with top health experts, and the most successful entrepreneurs, including Tony Robbins’s life and wealth University, T Harv Eker business school, learned Raw and superfood nutrition with David Wolf, fasting with Don and Tyler Tolman, got certified as a lymphologist and also invested in stocks and property. 

In 2015 Her work got deeper and most real after realizing that the world is as we are, that Self-Mastery is only possible to achieve from within. She connected with her greatest mentor Prof. Ckris Verducci, started working with the breath, abandoning beliefs, identifications, teachings and lived in solitude to get in touch with the core of her true nature.

Today, Marina has reached a higher level of being, a new awareness and love for life in every Now moment. She is devoted to working with other Visionaries who are choosing to be 100% responsible for their life beginning by loving their bodies and mastering emotions.

Love Your Body

The first step to physical Immortality is to love your body and to give up the idea of harming and killing it. You have to recognize within yourself the deceiving, unconscious program of death that is hidden behind the apparent willingness of living. This awareness will pave the path to immortality. Do it Now! Master your body! Breathe out all the plans of death,and get your body to look and feel the way and the age you want it to. There will be a transmutation of organs and cells to the point that one day you can have an integrated body capable of appearing and disappearing to others at will. Remember! It is in this body that you can heal the world. It is in this body that you can win death.

  (Technology of The Dreamer)