About Lymphatic System

The Tree Of Life”

I personally relate to the “Lymphatic System” as being  “The Tree of Life.”

It is responsible for allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach our cells and for removing toxins and waste that can create dis-ease in the body.

It lets the light in and the dark out.

Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system is such a vital system of your body, though most people know little about it compared to other systems. It interacts with every organ and is directly related to immune function and efficiency.

Did you know, we have three times more lymph fluid than blood? To give you an idea of just how vital your lymphatic system is, if it stopped for 24 hours you would die.

It is our body’s garbage disposal and purifying system. It carries out all the waste and toxins our body does not need or cannot use thus creating the desired ultimate state for cell life and energy called a ‘dry state.’ In a dry state, the oxygen, nutrients and minerals bought in via our blood can reach the cells giving you energy and life.

If your lymphatic system is moving slow and not activated, your cells will be in a ‘wet state.’ You will be unable to remove waste and toxins or receive oxygen , nutrients and minerals. This is when you can feel sluggish, tired, sick and have dis-ease in your body.

Rebounding is the simplest most effective way to prevent dis-ease in the body by using the bounce to pump and activate your lymphatic system and increase oxygen – all without causing stress. Unlike our heart, our lymphatic system does not have its own pump.

The two most important and effective methods to activate lymphatic circulation are deep breathing and movement, specifically the vertical movement provided by rebounding. The up and down rhythmic bouncing causes the one-way valves in the system to open and close simultaneously to increase lymph flow by 10 to 50 times.

The other beauty of using rebounding to keep your lymphatic system clear is that it’s so easy!

Anyone can do it – children, the elderly, even people with a disability. LEARN MORE

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Rebounding / lymphasizing is a natural instinctual movement that supports us to reach our maximum potential. It replicates the movement of a baby in the womb, the time where development was at its greatest. From the moment of our conception to when we were birthed, we were constantly moving inside our mother, floating in a bubble of fluid, gently moving as she moved, and later on our own.

When a baby cries or is upset, we instinctively know what to do. We pat them, jiggle them up and down or cradle them in our arms and rock them. Babies and children are still connected to their bodies. They know if something is not right and so too, their caregiver knows that gentle vertical movement will fix the discomfort.

Children jump up and down, creating movement in their body when they hurt themselves. Their minds are too young to understand, but their bodies know that this movement speeds up their lymphatic system to help healing take place.

Crying and laughing are also forms of lymphasizing – bringing clearing energy and oxygen to our body.

How good do you feel after a good cry or a big belly laugh!

Let’s get Lymphasizing

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